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The story of the film so far...

July 2009
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hsu_to_xisu [userpic]

we're back from shanghai! and we almost got to see the eclipse too as our flight was delayed for 5 hours. hahaha... we got home at 4:30am. were supposed to be home by 11.


they tried to make us happy be feeding us pineapple cakes and water:

it was cold and they had no blankets. we finally got to board the plane around 11, i think.

and then, once on the plane, they fed us snacks straight away. one knows one is in trouble when they do that.


we entertained ourselves in the airport by watching a "rap" on the pig flu. for hours.


...and these last few days, i've been SERIOUS about packing. almost done. small snaffoos, but all is well now.

and monday night, louie and i shall take the night bus to beijing...


Interesting. "Swine flu comes from America." Sort of like The Yellow Peril, only in reverse.