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July 2009
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hsu_to_xisu [userpic]
the journey, so far

it's amzing how painfully long a simple 16 hour trip can be. but louie and i have succesfully arrived in beijing. so tired, we are. so tired. i had a long day before i even climbed on board the bus.

but we are here. got here this morning. and, after a few cups of coffee and a short nap, and a lovely lunch, and then more coffee, i feel almost human.

louie is Pissed Off.

but he got tuna and wet food. so really. he's going to america. realising the american dream.

lucky lil twirp.

he'll thank me someday.

i took photos along the way--in the taxi, in the bus. will take more tmorrow. will post them when we're in america. my flight leaves tmorrow at noon. i arrive tmorrow morning at 9am. oh, international date line, how you will mess with my head.

thankfully the flight is shorter than the bus ride. and maybe louie will realise there's no point in screaming and he might as well sleep. maybe.

im just glad we're safe. christian also arrived safe, and so did my luggage.

i think it's time for a beer.


For the cat American dream, are the streets paved with cheezburgers?

I'm glad you and Louie have arrived safely. Daisy, Scout, and I are thinking of you.


Glad to hear the first leg of your journey went well!

Safe travels! :D

wishing you the very best in safe journeys! and lots of hugs and avocados are waiting here for you when you arrive!

And Farmer's Markets!



American Dream

Is Louie going to open a restaurant or a nail salon?